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Our Mission

To illuminate the path to a better future for the Earth through the application of scientific knowledge and technology.

We do not have a monetary or political agenda. We know that true science starts without preconceived notions and without government and corporate grants which serve only to enrich a few with money and power while destroying the environment, society and the general population. Those who use and have used science as a tool for financial and political gains have given science a bad reputation. We aim to educate people in the differences between real science and government-corporate funded pseudoscience.

Research Projects

Educational Outreach Programs

Faraday Science Institute is a not for profit institute incorporated and registered in the State of Oklahoma. We gladly accept your personal gifts and donations. In order to maintain an assurance of integrity, we do NOT accept government grants of any kind, NOR do we accept corporate grants and donations. In addition, we are also not tax exempted by any government.

Faraday Science Institute
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