Have Human Beings Really Changed the Climate?
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Science is the search for truth. It is not a game in which one tries to beat his opponent, to do harm to others.
--- Linus Pauling

It is a serious mistake for anyone to distrust science simply because some "scientists" have been advancing and promoting the erroneous notion that Earth is experiencing a warming trend due to human activity. There is a tremendous amount of disagreement among scientists about manmade global warming. Many thousands of scientists have expressed complete disagreement with this premise. These scientists have had a great price to pay for their honesty. For example, the series of numerous e-mails sent between university professors in Pennsylvania and England that were leaked recently in an affair called "Climategate" included plots to discredit those scientists who disagreed with them and even to extricate the "global warming skeptics" from scientific societies.

On the other hand, the global warming promoters at our universities who have themselves been receiving huge grants of money from rich "philanthropic" foundations, such as the Carnegie and Ford Foundations as well as the federal government have every reason to push the agenda of those who are giving the money. By advancing these untruths these grant recipients have "sold out" any integrity they may have once possessed to the evil men and women who are using them and their credentials in order to promote one of the most evil scams ever perpetrated, one that has the potential of bankrupting every man, woman and child on earth.

Geological records into Earth's history indicate that since the beginning Earth has always undergone climate change. This sometimes quite dramatic climate change is evidenced partly by the numerous ice ages lasting thousands of years during which life could have been sustained only in the equatorial regions of Earth. In fact, Earth is always in either a warming cycle or a cooling cycle.

Modern science has only a rudimentary notion of the causes of these changes in climate. There are probably many causes, the greatest of which is the amount of solar energy output that is caused by constantly changing magnetic fields in the Sun. It's an established fact that the Sun does not always put out the same quantity of electromagnetic radiation, on which Earth depends. Rather, the sun goes through cycles of activity. These changes in solar energy output are accompanied by other natural changes, such as the Earth's tilt, which varies from 22 to 24 degrees over a period of 26,000 years and large volcanic eruptions that can spew enough ash into the upper atmosphere to block sunlight for a period of several months. These affect climate to a lesser degree.

There is a direct correlation between the number and sizes of "sunspots" (magnetic storms) on the sun and the average temperature of the Earth. Regular patterns or cycles of high and low numbers of sunspots average about eleven years from highest to lowest. We recommend reading the report, The Varying Sun & Climate Change for highly detailed information. Right now (January 2011) we have just passed the time at which the number of magnetic storms should have been at an 11-year high. Yet, for the past few years astronomers, to their amazement, have observed virtually no sunspots of appreciable size. This is in spite of scientists' prediction that in 2010 we would see more sunspots than ever, since during the previous few cycles more and more sunspots were observed with each 11-year high. This reduction in sunspots accompanies the fact that, contrary to what the global warming alarmists have told us, the average temperature of Earth has actually been decreasing for the past several years.

Sunspots have been observed and counted for only about five hundred years, starting with the invention of the telescope. The last observed period of a low number of observed sunspots between 1620 and 1720, called a Maunder Minimum, was followed by an unusually cold period in Earth's history, termed the "Little Ice Age".

It's ironic that our nation's meteorologists are unable to predict weather more than a few days away, yet "Global Warming" alarmists claim to know what is going to happen in fifty years. Even more astounding is the completely false and preposterous assertion made by a "professor" at the Carnegie Institution in California that a mass killing of around forty million people between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries by Genghis Khan influenced the temperature of the Earth and the amount of carbon dioxide existing at the time.

Anyone who would even begin to believe this fallacy needs to get some real education in science. Part of a science education is learning to think critically, and this starts with applying what you know to a logical analysis of facts and methods used in a scientific investigation. True science should never be feared.

Temperature records kept during the Twentieth Century indicate that the average temperature of the Earth during this time period increased by approximately one degree Fahrenheit. But why did they increase? Most of these temperature readings in 1999 were taken at major airports around the world. What is something every major airport has? Paved surfaces, that's what, not only the runways and taxiways but also huge parking lots. An airport today is like a small city. Moreover, not only are these paved surfaces larger than before, but many airports continue to grow while CITIES expand and encroach on the airports. Were airports paved in the early 1900's? No. Most of them were grass airstrips. Most temperature records were taken elsewhere. And here's where a knowledge of science comes in. It is a known fact that temperatures average higher near paved surfaces, because concrete, unlike grass, absorbs and holds heat, giving inaccurate readings.

What about carbon dioxide, which has taken the rap as a "greenhouse gas"? Well, if you know anything about science, you know that carbon dioxide (as differentiated from carbon MONoxide) is not only harmless, but essential to life on Earth, even to animals. Without carbon dioxide, we would hyperventilate and die. Carbon dioxide is one of the building blocks of sugars, fats and proteins, on which just about all life subsists. Photosynthesis, conducted by plants, cannot take place without carbon dioxide. It is also a fact that all living things, including plants, and yes, those forests that grew up after Genghis Khan's reign of terror, produce carbon dioxide during respiration. Dead trees decompose and slowly release their carbon in the form of gaseous carbon dioxide. The only difference between burning them and having them decompose naturally is the rate at which carbon dioxide is produced.

It is also a fact that carbon dioxide makes up less than 1% of the Earth's atmosphere, in spite of all of the carbon dioxide produced by all living things on Earth (animals, plants and humans) - all but just a few species of bacteria, which use a completely different mode of respiration. It's also true that plants act as a buffering agent to regulate the quantity of carbon dioxide on Earth. When some factor, such as a volcano which emits much, much more carbon dioxide than mankind can hope to produce by our activities, then plants have more of this vital gas which they need. They absorb more of this gas and, as a result, grow faster.

But carbon dioxide is not the only "greenhouse gas". Water vapor is an extremely potent greenhouse gas. What is the global warming alarmist's solution to this problem? Should we get rid of all of the Earth's water? Methane, or natural gas, is the other greenhouse gas. When methane (CH4) burns, water and carbon dioxide are produced, essentially exchanging greenhouse gases.

There are many reasons why we should be concerned about our Earth's environment. Holes in the ozone layer above Antarctica have been detected. These, too, are not fully understood, even though Freon gas was erroneously blamed. Then there are the many toxins being dumped into our water supply and our atmosphere, toxins that are actually destroying some of Earth's wildlife, getting into our food supply and otherwise causing chronic illness in humans.

Fluorescent lights are now being promoted to the people as an energy saver, and to help stop "Global Warming". However, people are not told that fluorescent lights require mercury vapor to operate. Millions of these are produced and burn out every day. However, to date, the governments of the United States, and many of the 50 States - governments which are supposed to care for its citizens - have no comprehensive plan for recycling fluorescent lights. Instead, millions of these lights are being dumped into our landfills every month. Thus, a large quantity of mercury, one of the most toxic substances known to man, is getting into our soil and water supplies. Imagine the problem in China where many of the CFLs are manufactured. Hundreds, if not thousands of underpaid workers have mercury poisoning. Some of these workers have more than 100 TIMES the mercury in their bodies than what's considered the maximum safe level.

Worldwide, there is a problem with industrial pollution. In some countries, such as the United States, the problem is actually being mitigated, in large part by pollution control devices, engine design changes allowing use of lead-free fuels and increased recycling, especially in more densely populated areas. In other countries, such as China, pollution is out of control.

However, none of the these environmental problems is in any way involved with "global warming". That's right. NONE OF THE ABOVE ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS IS IN ANY WAY INVOLVED WITH "GLOBAL WARMING". Yet, people lump them all together with "global warming". And that's exactly what the "global warming" alarmists want you to do. They are hoping that your lack of knowledge about science will prevent you from making this distinction. They are hoping that because of the average person's lack of confidence in his/her own ability to think, he or she will leave these matters to the so called "scientists" who are pushing the manmade global warming hoax, hoping that you will trust them.

But, why should you trust them, when it has been pointed out above that, due to the allegiance they must pay to their benefactors to which they are beholden, they must reach the conclusions that will support the political and social agendas of their benefactors? They will do this even if they have to "fudge" their data and results of their studies in order to do so. They will do this so that they can get a repeat grant when their current grant runs out, and repeat grants after that.

Faraday Science Institute does not depend on grants from "philanthropic" foundations, from governments, nor from corporations. In this way we can maintain our complete independence in our quest for and sharing of scientific truth. In order to operate we depend instead on gifts from people who value the truth. Faraday Science Institute was named for Michael Faraday, who was called the "greatest experimental scientist" who ever lived. Michael Faraday made some vital discoveries and inventions, on which our modern day existence depends. He, like almost every great scientist, was a devout believer in God. He was also a Christian.

At Faraday Institute of Science biological evolution is presented next to the theory of Intelligent Design as a theory only, and really more as a hypothesis, since no experiment has ever proved the existence of biological evolution and no observation of one species changing into another has ever been made. Further, there are serious gaps in the fossil record that prevent that avenue of investigation from proving that biological evolution has ever existed.

Further, because of our respect for the sanctity of human life and the fact that life starts with conception, we at Faraday Institute of Science, consider abortion to be simply a euphemism (polite term) for nothing other than the murder of other human beings.

Rather than to speculate or plot for the partial extinction of human life to improve this planet's environment, intellectuals and those in power should be investigating and promoting ways in which humans can live to their fullest potential of health and economic prosperity while at the same time reducing the amount of real pollution being produced. We at Faraday Institute of Science believe that this can be accomplished, and it has nothing to do with manmade "global warming".

Just one more thought. If there is this great global warming emergency going on, why are so many celebrities (politicians, sports teams, musicians, etc.) jetting around the world with their entourages of hundreds of people, spewing millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere? This hypocrisy alone destroys any credibility they may have had.

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